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    A bag tax hurts the environment

    The politicians and their special interest grocer and union buddies tell you to trust them: forget the free bags you’ve been using for years; the thick, plastic reusable bags they want you to purchase are more “green,” they claim, because you will use them multiple times. But what is the rest of the story?

    The only “green” is from the dollars they are moving from your pockets to theirs. What they don’t want you to know is that many of those reusable “green” bags are produced in China.

    You know China, don’t you? A government-controlled one-party state with an abysmal environmental record. A place where the air is so bad they sometimes show sunrises on giant TV screens since the real one is hidden behind pollution. A place where the waterways are unsafe and unhealthy. A place where industrial pollution is utterly common.

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    On few issues are your teachers, professors and the media feeding you more inaccurate information than on environmental issues. ¬†They know you care about the planet so they can’t resist feeding you propaganda.

    So the next time you hear some silly attack on fully-recyclable plastic shopping bags, the first thing you should ask about is: China.

    And then ask them about the poor, and about dog owners.

    The great educators urge you to look behind the feel-good answers to search out the actual truth. The false attacks on plastic bags are one such area where the truth is more interesting than the spin.

    Seek it out. And above all, remember that what has always made America unique in the world is our passion for freedom.

  • A bag tax is a money-grab by politicians, grocers and union honchos

    Politicians, grocers, unions and special interest groups that benefit from bag taxes and bag bans want you to believe that they are acting to help the environment and reduce pollution.

    That is a smoke-screen. The truth is this is about lining the pockets of these elites at the expense of middle class and working class families.

    Take, for example, the recently-enacted California state bag ban, SB-270. It creates a whole series of money transfers from California’s families to special interests.

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