• They think you’re stupid

    Why are plastic handle bags at seemingly every checkout counter across America? Because people love them.

    They are useful, inexpensive, handy, lightweight, clean, reusable, recyclable, and versatile.

    So why on Earth are politicians working with grocers and Labor Bosses to tax and ban them? Greed.

    Plus, supporters of these bag taxes and bag bans think you’re stupid. They think you’ll swoon if they say it’s for the environment, even though their anti-bag crusades harm the planet.

    They think you’re too dumb to weigh the costs and benefits yourself and make your own judgment.

    And they hope you’re too busy to look into their true motivations and see the cozy arrangements they have to use bag taxes and bans to line their pockets with your hard-earned money.

    So take a look around this site and then join us in fighting back on behalf of all of us harmed by the special interest war on our plastic bags.

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    On few issues are your teachers, professors and the media feeding you more inaccurate information than on environmental issues. ¬†They know you care about the planet so they can’t resist feeding you propaganda.

    So the next time you hear some silly attack on fully-recyclable plastic shopping bags, the first thing you should ask about is: China.

    And then ask them about the poor, and about dog owners.

    The great educators urge you to look behind the feel-good answers to search out the actual truth. The false attacks on plastic bags are one such area where the truth is more interesting than the spin.

    Seek it out. And above all, remember that what has always made America unique in the world is our passion for freedom.

  • A bag tax is a money-grab by politicians, grocers and union honchos

    Politicians, grocers, unions and special interest groups that benefit from bag taxes and bag bans want you to believe that they are acting to help the environment and reduce pollution.

    That is a smoke-screen. The truth is this is about lining the pockets of these elites at the expense of middle class and working class families.

    Take, for example, the recently-enacted California state bag ban, SB-270. It creates a whole series of money transfers from California’s families to special interests.

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    A bag tax is a tax on pet owners and the elderly

    Bag taxes and bag bans transfer millions of dollars from America’s families to special interests that support these laws. But some groups bear even more of the brunt of these laws.

    Among those harmed the most are dog owners. More than 40 million American households include at least one dog. And millions of those dog owners reuse the plastic bags they receive while shopping to clean up after their pets. The need to clean up dog poop does not disappear once politicians tax or ban plastic bags – it simply increases the cost of being a pet owner.

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  • Why not try freedom?

    We know that is a politically impolite question to ask nowadays but we’ll ask it: Why not try freedom?

    Just imagine an alternate universe. One that governed America for about 200 years.

    Imagine that instead of us dickering over whether a useful plastic bag should be taxed a nickel, a dime or banned; instead of choosing between a 20% kickback to the grocer, as in part of Maryland, or a 100% kickback as in the new California law; instead of a massive regulatory framework and $5,000 per day fines for a third infraction — instead of all this, imagine one word: FREEDOM.

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