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    A bag tax hurts the environment

    The politicians and their special interest grocer and union buddies tell you to trust them: forget the free bags you’ve been using for years; the thick, plastic reusable bags they want you to purchase are more “green,” they claim, because you will use them multiple times. But what is the rest of the story?

    The only “green” is from the dollars they are moving from your pockets to theirs. What they don’t want you to know is that many of those reusable “green” bags are produced in China.

    You know China, don’t you? A government-controlled one-party state with an abysmal environmental record. A place where the air is so bad they sometimes show sunrises on giant TV screens since the real one is hidden behind pollution. A place where the waterways are unsafe and unhealthy. A place where industrial pollution is utterly common.

    THAT is where many of those fax-green bags are made. It’s a double-whammy for Americans: killing our jobs, while escaping our environmental laws. And yet they can pretend to be green because you don’t see the filthy conditions where they are made.

    Calling a Chinese-made reusable bag green is like calling the Kardashians modest.

    And that’s just part of it.

    Don’t forget that experts say those bags should be washed frequently, so as not to become a home to festering e coli and its friends. Washed in hot water – that takes coal and natural gas to heat the washer and dryer – along with detergents that end up in our waterways.

    And don’t forget that most of the plastic bags these politicians are trying to tax or ban would be re-used by the consumer at home. From picking up dog poop to lining trash receptacles to securing dirty diapers, these needs don’t go away; it just means people are now forced to buy these items, with no net benefit to the environment.

    So it’s not the sweet and simple story the politicians would have you believe.

    When you add it all up, American-made plastic shopping bags are better for the environment than the alternatives politicians are trying to force onto us.

    And once that truth gets out, these faux-green politicians are going to have purple faces.