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    They think you’re stupid

    Why are plastic handle bags at seemingly every checkout counter across America? Because people love them.

    They are useful, inexpensive, handy, lightweight, clean, reusable, recyclable, and versatile.

    So why on Earth are politicians working with grocers and Labor Bosses to tax and ban them? Greed.

    Plus, supporters of these bag taxes and bag bans think you’re stupid. They think you’ll swoon if they say it’s for the environment, even though their anti-bag crusades harm the planet.

    They think you’re too dumb to weigh the costs and benefits yourself and make your own judgment.

    And they hope you’re too busy to look into their true motivations and see the cozy arrangements they have to use bag taxes and bans to line their pockets with your hard-earned money.

    So take a look around this site and then join us in fighting back on behalf of all of us harmed by the special interest war on our plastic bags.

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What's to hate?

What's to hate?Is Wonderfully VersatileThis simple bag

Politicians and special interests are waging war against the plastic shopping bag. Lightweight, versatile, handy, helpful. What's really going on?

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